Refugee Response

Turkey faces a number of humanitarian challenges caused by conflict and natural disasters. In response to these challenges, IOM’s emergency and post-emergency assistance programs in Turkey focus on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, and are implemented in close coordination with government and humanitarian partners.

IOM Turkey is part of a coordinated effort to efficiently and effectively respond to humanitarian needs and to protect individuals and communities. Through early identification and sustainable programs, IOM Turkey improves the conditions of crisis-affected populations and contributes to life-saving interventions. In our work, IOM Turkey also provides strategic recommendations on policies, operations, field work, and project development 

IOM responds to emergencies or post-crisis situations by:

  • Providing humanitarian assistance and resilience building programs to address individuals’ or  communities’ needs, thereby contributing to their protection
  • Providing technical support  and expertise to build capacity for humanitarian actors and government institutions
  • Participating in coordination efforts for effective humanitarian preparedness and response programs



Shelter Rehabilitation Benefiting 8,600 Migrants 


Building Bridges through Mobile Outreach