A valuable factor in IOM's good standing among Member States and donors is its careful stewardship of entrusted funds. As IOM continues to grow in response to global migration challenges, its procurement needs grow as well.

This website, alongside global procurement notices, provides information on opportunities for vendors and service providers.

Current Notices



Published Date

Closing Date

TD-ANK-2022-0026-RfQ- Supply Delivery of Promotional Materials

19/01/2022 01/02/2022


11/01/2022 28/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0019 - RFP - Crisis Management Trainings in Removal Centers, in 21 Provinces of Turkey

17/01/2022 31/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0007-RfP-Providing Accommodation Meeting Packages and Catering in Izmir 5star Hotels

06/01/2022 27/01/2022

GZT-TD-2022-0008 Development of IOM Turkey’s Enterprise Development Fund (EDF) Website

04/01/2022 25/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0013-RfP-Providing Accommodation Meeting Packages and Catering in Ankara 5star Hotels

12/01/2022 24/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0014-RfP-Providing Accommodation Meeting Packages and  Catering in Gaziantep 4star Hotels

11/01/2022 24/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0017- RFP - Transportation of Persons, Ankara

12/01/2022 19/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0016- RfP - Provision of Rental Buses (Ankara)

12/01/2022 19/01/2022

TD-IZM-2022-0018- RFQ - Supply Delivery and Installation of IT Equipment to Education Center in Buca, Izmir

11/01/2022 18/01/2022

TD-IZM-2022-0017 - RFQ - Rehabilitation of Education Centers in Buca, Izmir

11/01/2022 18/01/2022

TD-IZM-2022-0016 - RfQ -  Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture to Education Center in Buca, Izmir

11/01/2022 18/01/2022

TD-ANK-2022-0006 - RFQ - Supply and Delivery of Goods – Food Kit

06/01/2022 20/01/2022

TD-IST-2022-0001 - RFP - Transportation of Persons

05/01/2022 20/01/2022