His Mother’s Voice

4-year old Zaid’s face lights up when the music begins.  For him, music is new.  For the first years of his life, Zaid was not able to hear at all.  Born one year into the conflict in Syria, his family was internally displaced inside Syria for years with limited access to medical assistance – and no access to the medical technology that would let him hear the sound of his mother’s voice for the first time.

A few months ago, Zaid’s family was able to leave Syria.  Now living in Turkey, Zaid’s family is doing what they can to get by.  Although the local community was welcoming, the family was not able to afford the son’s medical bills to have him hear again.  IOM Turkey provided Zaid with his first hearing aid. "After a few days of using the hearing aid, Zaid’s mood noticeably improved.  He started dancing.  When there’s music playing now, he just gets up and dances all the time."

"I don’t know what the future will bring.  At the moment, Zaid is not able to speak, but hopefully with the hearing aid, one day I will be able to talk with my son," said Zaid’s father.   "He’s an energetic boy and I just want him to be healthy, happy and just like all other little boys"

In August 2015, IOM Turkey launched the Individual Assistance Project – which provides tailored humanitarian assistance for specific cases that are not supported by standard humanitarian assistance.  IOM Turkey uses this ad hoc approach to provide medical supplies, transportation, accommodation or rent support, food, non-food items and other tailored needs