Delbaz from Al-Hasakeh had been living in Turkey for some time when the Syrian crisis began. He decided to dedicate his time to supporting Syrian integration through art. He volunteered as a teacher for Ensar Community Centre run by Gaziantep Municipality. “It was hard at the beginning, as many students didn’t want to sit next to their Turkish and Syrian counterparts and didn’t want to talk to each other. I encouraged many of them to work together on one painting to break down those walls”, an approach that worked incredibly well. Six months later, Ensar Community Centre received funds from IOM and Japan to support existing classes and expand activities. To the delight of Delbaz, it was now possible to pay volunteers a salary so he could dedicate more of his time and energy to the Centre and his classes. “I feel proud of those young artists and how they got along with each other. I want to continue working on integration through the arts at Ensar”. Learn more about Ensar’s art activities here