Building Bridges through Mobile Outreach

Our Mobile Outreach Teams reached 227 individuals in the last three months through a range of activities. Four different groups in Hatay and Sanliurfa, made up of 31 Syrian and 27 Turkish beneficiaries, took part in a course of structured group sessions designed to offer mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) to people living in underserved areas in the provinces. Each course was based around the specific needs of the participants and was offered in ‘safe spaces’, specifically chosen based on their accessibility in terms of security, location and social suitability. All participants expressed their satisfaction in being given the rare opportunity to be listened to and to express their feelings, opinions and challenges during the course. Following the group session in Sanliurfa, a number of participants from one group went on to attend a Turkish language course together with neighbours in their communities after a referral to a Local Public Information Centre by IOM staff. Mobile outreach also offered ten awareness and information dissemination activities based on the stated needs of the beneficiaries.

Activities were conducted to provide information on family law, temporary protection regulation, reproductive health and child protection. Within the department, a range of training activities took place, building staff capacity in Sanliurfa in MPHSS basics, international guidelines, IOM’s policy of MPHSS interventions and how to work with migrants and refugees. IOM volunteers also took part in half-day workshops on how to work with migrants and refugees and how to conduct house visits.