Project update

Training on Counter Smuggling was conducted to Strengthen the Capacities of Customs Agencies

IOM conducted an online joint training on Counter-Smuggling under the framework of the European Union and Turkey funded ‘’Regional Cooperation on Border Management with Greece and Bulgaria Phase 2” Project with the participation of 20 officials working in the field of border management in Turkey, Bulgaria, and other stakeholders on the 20-22 January 2021 via Zoom application.


Adana Migrant Coordination and Harmonization Center Continues to Work Through Online Channels

Funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration, the Adana Migrant Coordination, and Harmonization Center continues to support migrants and refugees through online channels. Between 22 and 24 December, IOM Turkey teams organized a variety of workshops, such as access to health care facilities during the COVID19 pandemic, distance education and EBA, and access to the labour market in Turkey. 


Supporting DGMM Efforts in Enhancing the Capacity of Removal Centres

IOM in cooperation with DGMM and with support of the British Embassy organized online training for interpreters who started working at the removal centres within the scope of the "Supporting Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM) Efforts in Enhancing the Capacity of Removal Centres (RC) within the Framework of International Human Rights Standards Phase-II".


Operational Aspects of Passenger Controls and Risk Training

IOM conducted an online meeting with Customs Enforcement Officers operating at Ankara Esenboga Airport, Istanbul Airport, and Antalya Airport on the 26th, 30th October, and 2nd November 2020 about passenger controls at the pilot airports. The meeting was aiming to discuss the content of the training curriculum and materials. The online meetings are aiming to improve passenger customs control procedures for domestic and international arrivals and departures procedures as well and on risk analysis and behavioral analysis in passenger controls.


Soup Kitchen Project aims to strengthen social cohesion among host & refugee communities

IOM Turkey in partnership with World Food Programme, GIZ and seven local municipalities is working together to strengthen the capacity of soup kitchens. This project has been implemented with support of the German Government, the Government of Ireland, and the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM). The project operates in  Adana, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Kilis and Sanliurfa provinces. 


Library Opening in Kilis  

IOM Turkey in partnership with the Kilis municipality opened a new public library in the city centre where youth from the host and refugee communities can access books and the internet free of charge. An old building in the city centre was chosen as the location for the library due to its proximity to many schools and accessibility via public transportation. IOM rehabilitated the old building by painting the walls, fixing the plumbing, equipping the library with desks, shelves, books, and computers.


Solar Dryer Project in Viranşehir

IOM Turkey in partnership with Viranşehir Governorate implemented a solar dryer project in Şanlıurfa/Viranşehir. Seasonal agricultural work is one of the major sources of income for vulnerable people living in Viransehir. The project helps seasonal workers from the vulnerable host and refugee communities to dehydrate their harvested vegetables which they can sell all year round. The seasonal workers bring their crops to the solar-powered dryers which help them dehydrate their vegetables faster.