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IOM Steps Up Humanitarian Response on Turkey’s Land and Sea Borders

Edirne- As the situation on the Turkey/EU border enters its second week IOM, with its partners, continues to provide humanitarian aid to the thousands of vulnerable migrants who have been sleeping in rough conditions, without proper access to food, shelter or sanitary facilities.

Since Friday 28th February migrants have been moving towards the Turkey EU/border in the province of Edirne. Many remain there, after walking long distances carrying their belongings, children, and babies on their backs.

IOM Urges Restraint, Calls for a Humane Response on EU-Turkey Border

Geneva - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is urging all States to exercise restraint and adopt a balanced, humane approach to population movements across the EU-Turkey border.

Death and Desperation on Turkey’s EU Border

Edirne – Madiha Asif is pregnant with twins and suffering abdominal pain. She and her husband, Muhammed, sit huddled under a thermal blanket with their three children, who are wearing socks without shoes. 

“It’s been a long journey from home and my children are freezing. In this cold winter they are wearing only socks and my youngest child has a blood clot in his eye. I am afraid that my twins might not survive,” the mother says. 

The First Standalone Project on Alternatives to Immigration Detention in Turkey

Ankara – A variety of concrete examples and practices of alternatives to the detention of migrants were presented at Consultative Meeting organized by IOM Turkey in Ankara. Representatives from relevant migration authorities in several countries, Council of Europe, international and national NGOs, experts and academics came together to exchange the principles, experiences, and challenges regarding implementation of alternatives to immigration detention.

Heartbreak as Women and Children Perish in Migrant Shipwreck

Çeşme, Western Turkey – “I saw some light of hope in people’s eyes hoping that their children or wives were alive but I had to give them the terrible news that some of their family members had died. Then I saw the deepest level of helplessness and desperation in their eyes. I had to inform a recently wed man that his wife and baby had died. I cannot find words to express how he hugged his deceased wife and child as a last farewell.’’

Global Migration Film Festival

Global Migration Film Festival Wraps Up in Turkey on International Migrants’ Day
Wednesday 18 December 2019

Focus on Social Cohesion at IOM Co-Hosted Global Municipal Forum in Turkey

Gaziantep – Leaders from four continents gathered in Gaziantep, Turkey, this week (26-27/11) to share local solutions for achieving social and economic inclusion of migrants and refugees.

The Municipal Forum on Local Solutions to Migration and Displacement builds on the principles outlined in the Marrakesh Mayors Declaration and the Global Compact on Migration (GCM) adopted by the UN General Assembly last year.


The International Forum on Local Solutions to Migration and Displacement brings together good practices, lessons learnt and experiences of municipalities in Turkey and local authorities around the world aimed at responding to the needs of refugees and migrants while maintaining the quality of their services to host communities and discusses opportunities to promote further international cooperation in response to migration and forced displacement at the local level.


UNDP hosts solution makers on migration and forced displacement. The International Forum on Local Solutions to Migration and Displacement will be held by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and UNDP, in cooperation with the UNHCR, IOM, WALD, UMT and UCLG-MEWA on 26-27 November in Gaziantep.

Message from Director General António Vitorino - World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Geneva—The images are unforgettable. Desperate families in sweltering shipping containers and rickety boats. Bodies washed up on shores and beaches following failed voyages. Human beings scarred and broken from years of abuse and exploitation.