IOM e-voucher programme provides people with the choice to prioritize their own family needs.

Meeting your basic needs is often one of the first struggles of people fleeing conflict.  IOM Turkey’s first direct assistance to Syrians back in 2013 provided essential non-food items (NFIs) like blankets, clothing or diapers.  Initially, IOM provided in-kind items to Syrians living in camps and then expanded to those living in rural or hard to reach areas. Over the years, as more people fled or exhausted their life savings, IOM Turkey adapted its NFI assistance to include cash assistance to people living in urban areas to provide people with the choice to decide what is most needed for their own family.  Through the e-voucher programme, IOM electronically tops up credits each month and monitors purchases to identify Syrians’ precise needs.

Date Publish: 
Friday, May 25, 2018