UN Network on Migration Established in World's Largest Refugee-Hosting Country

UN Network on Migration Established in World's Largest Refugee-Hosting Country. Photo: IOM

Ankara – Turkey, host to almost four million refugees and migrants, has established a dedicated United Nations Network on Migration (UNNM). The initiative flows from the 2018 Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration (GCM), the first cooperative framework on addressing international migration.
As GCM convenor, IOM hosted a gathering in the Turkish capital Ankara yesterday, which brought together United Nations representatives, to formally bring the country's UNNM into being. 
Lado Gvilava, Chief of IOM's Mission to Turkey, told those present “This is an exciting moment for Turkey. Never before have we had a dedicated body to ensure migration issues are integrated into development work in a coordinated way. We hope that the UNNM in Turkey will help see through improvements in the way migration is managed, ultimately fostering greater harmony between migrant and host communities.”
The network will carry forward commitments to support programmes that improve the wellbeing of migrant communities.
The country's approach towards managing migration -- namely through the creation of a dedicated Directorate-General for Migration Management in 2013 -- has been hailed as a shining example for other member states. The UNNM will now work with DGMM to integrate the GCM objectives into government policies and programmes.
“The formation of the UNNM in Turkey is an opportunity for the UN to strengthen the existing migration management system in Turkey in a coordinated and strategic way. The GCM provides us with a roadmap to making migration for the benefit of all,” said Alvaro Rodriguez, the UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey. 
As the Coordinator and Secretariat for the Network, IOM will work with UN agencies to integrate the GCM objectives into their work, in collaboration with DGMM and other Turkish government entities.
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