Migrant Presence Monitoring

Accurate and informative data is key to understanding the shifting dynamics of migration in Turkey. Good data and data analysis can offer an evidence-based foundation to properly build projects, programmes and sustainable structures to support migrants into the future.

In March 2017, the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) and IOM Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding to begin the Migrant Presence Monitoring Programme (MPM). MPM is designed to provide evidence-based findings, which act as the basis for informed humanitarian programming and migration policymaking in the country.

MPM Turkey works throughout the year all over Turkey, which contributes to three different informative modules: Migrant and Refugee Presence Reporting, Base Line Assessments of Migrant and Refugee Presence and Flow Monitoring Surveys.

The first module is implemented through a desk review of data issued by migration authorities in Turkey and Europe on the migration flows of migrants and refugees. The remaining two modules are implemented through field operations in twenty-five provinces and Istanbul. This covers about 80% of the total migrant and refugee population in Turkey. So far, MPM has tracked 2,9 million migrants and refugees in Turkey in 26 provinces.

This information is used by numerous humanitarian actors and state institutions in Turkey to make decisions that affect the everyday lives of migrants and the way that migration is managed in Turkey long-term. As a country with one of the most significant populations of migrants and refugees in the world the MPM program also contributes to a wider understanding of migration flows throughout the region and across the globe.

As well as MPM’s range of reports, the team works with the DGMM to build capacity, so that governmental bodies are able to analyze migration trends and integrate information gained into internal data structures.

Outputs (link to all in our library)

Migrants and Refugee Presence Reporting Module:

  1. Monthly Migrants and Refugees Situation Report
  2. Flow Monitoring Compilation
  3. Migrations Quarterly Report
  4. Annual Migrants and Refugees Presence Report for Turkey

Baseline Study on Migrants and Refugees Presence

  1. Baseline of migrants and refugee presence Assessment Report
  2. Baseline of migrants and refugee presence Observation Report

Flow Monitoring Surveys

  1. Flow Monitoring Survey with Migrants and Refugees Report
  2. Flow Monitoring Survey with Migrants and Refugees Observation Report
  3. Flash inflow/outflow Reports
  4. Ad hoc surveys with Migrants and Refugees Report
  5. Incidents Reports