IOM Turkey Conducted a Training for Local NGOs to Promote Social Cohesion


In coordination with its implementing partner Directorate General of Migration Management, IOM Turkey has conducted a two-day training for four local NGOs under the EU-funded "Harmonization and Social Cohesion Across Turkey" project. The training took place on 21-22 October 2021, covering more than 30 attendees.   

This training was a part of the "Small Grants" program, where selected NGOs will be implementing various activities to promote and enhance social cohesion between the host community and migrants with different legal statuses.

During the training, the participants have been informed about the IOM's monitoring and evaluation rules and procedures, compliance regulations, and financial reporting. Besides, participants received training on the IOM’s principles and policies on protection and prevention of sexual harassment and abuse.

This event marked the starting point of interaction and communication between the host community and migrants, also considered the most vulnerable stratum of the society.