Integrated Border Management (IBM)

IOM Turkey works closely with Turkish partners to more efficiently and effectively manage immigration and border management structures, smoothly implement migration management frameworks and support capacity building of relevant institutions.  

National agencies involved in border management – notably police, customs, coast guards, land forces, and gendarmerie - are responsible for the processing of people and goods at points of entry and exit, border surveillance as well as for the detection and regulation of people and goods attempting to cross borders irregularly. IOM Turkey facilitates a regional approach for national border agencies to more efficiently and effectively manage immigration and border management structures.

IOM Turkey partners with relevant government institutions and international stakeholders to identify needs and priorities, increase cooperation, and to build capacity on humanitarian border management and to combat trans-national crimes. 

Comprehensive and well-functioning border structures enhance security and encourages legitimate cross-border flows of people and goods. Therefore both aspects must complement and not contradict the other.  

Current IBM priorities include:

  •  Supporting Turkey to enhance its border and migration management structures and procedures ;
  •  Supporting Turkey to reduce irregular migration and other cross-border crime such as trafficking in human beings andmigrant smuggling
  •  Supporting Turkey to facilitate regular migration and to strengthen the protection of migrants' rights
  •  Building capacity in the field of humanitarian border management;
  •  Enhancing international cooperation and supporting harmonization of national policies and practices within regional contexts towards common international norms,



Continued Support for Integrated Border Management