Press Releases

  • Migrants and Refugees Increasingly Choosing Turkey as Final Destination, Flow Monitoring Survey Finds

    IOM’s latest Flow Monitoring Survey in Turkey shows that a majority of migrants and refugees leaving their countries of origin have reported Turkey as their intended destination at the time of departure from their country of origin, especially for Syrians.  

  • Why Gaziantep Still Matters Seven Years After Start of Syrian Conflict

    Gaziantep – Next month marks the seventh anniversary of the start of the war in Syria. Since the beginning, Turkey has been the main destination country for many of the 3.4 million Syrians seeking refuge and a better life. Over 1.5 million live along the border in south and south-eastern Turkey, with the highest concentration in the municipality of Gaziantep.

  • International Migrants Day Events Deepen Ties between Migrants and Local Turkish Communities, Fostering Integration

    Gaziantep – As the country hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees and migrants in the world, Turkey has been at the forefront in sharing the burden of a longstanding refugee emergency. International agencies, such as IOM, have valued the supporting role Turkey’s government has played, and note the many demands on domestic resources.

  • Refugees Looking for Help with Their New Lives in Turkey? There’s an App for That

    Ankara – Syrian refugees in Turkey are leading the way pioneering web-based services that provide access to information their community needs to help them set up a new life. They have quickly won support from international companies and organizations, and now their apps and online platforms provide displaced communities with housing and job listings, translations of Turkish laws, advice on getting residence permits, opening a bank account, and more.

  • IOM Turkey Reassures Government Counterparts and Stakeholders of its Commitment to Successful Collaboration and Partnership

    Ankara – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Turkey takes this opportunity to respond to a recent media report regarding the actions of three IOM staff members. The assumptions made in the article in no way reflect our long-standing commitment to supporting the Government of Turkey on migration issues, nor are the opinions inferred in the article representative of those of IOM.

  • Up to Three Quarters of Children and Youth Face Abuse, Exploitation and ...

    Up to Three Quarters of Children and Youth Face Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking on Mediterranean Migration Routes – IOM, UNICEF


    Migrant and refugee children and youth trying to reach Europe face appalling levels of human rights abuses, with 77 per cent of those traveling along the Central Mediterranean route reporting direct experiences of abuse, exploitation, and practices which may amount to human trafficking – IOM, the UN Migration Agency and UNICEF said today (12/09) in a new report.

  • Young Migrant, Refugee, Turkish Entrepreneurs Bring Business...

    Young Migrant, Refugee, Turkish Entrepreneurs Bring Business Ideas to Life through UN Migration Agency Support

    Izmir – Over the weekend (26-27/08), 11 teams of young migrant, refugee and Turkish entrepreneurs presented their innovative business ideas to IOM, the UN Migration Agency in the hopes of securing a grant. Under its entrepreneurship training and grants project, IOM is working to build business skills among young people helping make their business ideas a reality.

  • Estonian PM Visits IOM’s Turkish Hub for Operations in Southern Turkey, Northern Syria During Country’s EU Presidency

    Gaziantep – Yesterday (15/08), Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, visited the IOM, UN Migration Agency, offices in Gaziantep. Turkey’s southern city, close to the Syrian border, is the hub for IOM’s emergency response operations in southern Turkey and northern Syria.

  • 50,000 Syrians and Iraqis Visit UN Migration Agency, Germany's Family Assistance Programme Offices in Last 12 Months

    Iraq - Since July 2016, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, has assisted in person over 50,000 vulnerable migrants with family reunifications in Germany through its Family Assistance Programme (FAP).

    The aim of FAP, which was initiated and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, is to support family reunification applicants in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon during the visa application process for Germany. At their offices, IOM helps them to correctly complete the forms and prepare their documents in order to reunite with close family members already granted asylum in Germany.

  • IOM Welcomes Turkey’s Turquoise Card System

    Turkey - IOM welcomes the Turkish Government’s announcement of the Turquoise Card System, a new point-based identification system to promote the employment of skilled foreigners in Turkey.

    With over 3.5 million migrants and refugees living in Turkey, many of whom hold professional qualifications, the Turquoise Card system will grant holders the right to work and residency in Turkey.